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Sci-Fi Stories for Curious Minds

Sci-Fi Stories for Curious Minds

Abstract Glow

Echoes of the Human Mind: Exploring the Frontier of Consciousness

  • Paul Gamlowski

VR Uprising

Written by Paul Gamlowski

A history teacher lectured about a single day that revolutionized the entire nation:

"It became known as the VR Uprising for a good reason. The next day, a sweeping shift in government policy happened right after the elections. I'll read an excerpt from this book on how it all went down."


Jonathan huddled behind toppled desks with his frightened colleagues. A lockdown alert announced that a shooter was on the premises.

The piercing echoes and burning of laser shots were frequently accompanied by blood splattering.

Jonathan and his colleagues screamed in terror when the perpetrator blasted the door open.

Most of his colleagues had died except for him. So he hid under their bodies while feigning death.

Outside, police sirens wailed, and boots stomped throughout the building's hallways …

Someone shouted, "Over there!"

Jonathan peaked through his colleagues' dead bodies as a drone zapped and paralyzed the shooter.

Seconds later …

An operator lifted Jonathan's neural headset.

But he kept Jonathan in a soggy blindfold with tears dripping down his cheeks.

"That was a genuine memory of a 20-year-old female survivor, Mr. Congressional Candidate," said the operator.

"It was horrific!" replied Jonathan in a shaky voice. His body trembled and sweated.

"Remember this, sir. All right. I'm done here. Return and release him. And bring me another."

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