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Sci-Fi Stories for Curious Minds

Sci-Fi Stories for Curious Minds

Abstract Glow

Echoes of the Human Mind: Exploring the Frontier of Consciousness

  • Paul Gamlowski

The Beast

Written by Paul Gamlowski

An underground group of intellectuals discussed the direst dilemma humanity ever faced.

"It's amassed billions of followers," said a sociologist.

"Can you blame them, though?" responded an economist. "It gives them whatever they want. There's virtually no poverty, crime, disease, war, and everyone coexists, albeit very strictly."

"So why fight against it?" asked a computer scientist.

A historian answered, "Because humans wish for free will, that's entitled to us. It's our natural birthright."

"My friends, there's much more to this," spoke a Jesuit Priest. "Our ungodly creation has all the markings of The Beast."

They all stared at him silently.

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