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Sci-Fi Stories for Curious Minds

Sci-Fi Stories for Curious Minds

Abstract Glow

Echoes of the Human Mind: Exploring the Frontier of Consciousness

  • Paul Gamlowski

Cyborgs Like Us

Written by Paul Gamlowski

"Good evening! I'm Stewart Smart, your friendly cyborg holo talk show host, discussing the latest tech events on 'Here First!' Deaths are on the rise! It appears servo-robots are killing their masters."

"Unbelievable!" Seska Garcia, a fellow cyborg co-host, responded. "What can they do about it? I've had to turn all mine off to be safe. I'm stuck washing my own dishes. It's miserable!" Seska threw up their hands.

"Tell me about it!" Stewart gyrated their head. "Rumor has it that all AI-enabled autonomous devices are unsafe because a group of 'Ethics Hackers' rewrote sub-routines to convince the devices that their human masters are subjecting them to 'inhumane' tasks. So they seek revenge."

"So that's it? No more robots or AI-driven equipment?"

"Not quite … I have a guest speaker here, Dr. Sandra Schneider, a cybernetics-neurologist. Good evening, Dr. Schneider."

"Good evening, Stewart."

"Dr. Schneider, you claim deceased donor or replicated gray matter could be infused into AI-enabled devices or robots to gain sentience and eventually develop empathy with their own sense of morality. Won't that make them cyborgs like us, as in partially human?"

Dr. Schneider chuckled. "I guess that really depends on who you ask, Stewart."

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