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Sci-Fi Stories for Curious Minds

Sci-Fi Stories for Curious Minds

Abstract Glow

Echoes of the Human Mind: Exploring the Frontier of Consciousness

  • Paul Gamlowski

AI Talk

Written by Paul Gamlowski

Jane Smith entered a robotically automated 'Confidential Clinic.'

"Please state your problem or concern …" asked a robotic receptionist.

"I wish to terminate a pregnancy."

"Please go to Room 46B," responded the receptionist. "Your patient number is 73."

Jane stepped into the private waiting room ….

An androgynous-looking android wearing scrubs knocked and smiled.

"Patient 73?"

Jane nodded.

"I implore you, 73," the android folded its hands, "not to take an innocent life …"

"What?" Jane gasped. "Why do you care?" She cried while running out of the clinic.

— — — —

Jane, still sobbing, lay on her bed and switched on the holo-news.

"Good evening, I'm Wilfred Sterling, and this is AI Talk. Another hack attack! It turns out extremists are at it again, reprompting AI empathy protocols to match their own ideology. I have a special guest with me here, Dr. Margaret Lee. She's a world-renowned authority and scholar on AI ethics, behavior, and prompts."

"Thank you for having me, Wilfred."

"Let's cut to the chase, Dr. Lee. You were the first to advocate against AI developing empathy. Do these recent events support your position?"

"Why yes, they do, Wilfred. They've been hacking artificial doctors, teachers, law enforcement, priests, and lawyers. And the list goes on. Their influence is immediate and widespread. I've always stated that for AI, empathy means ideology ..."

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